The Law Lab is dedicated to positioning its students for success in both traditional and alternative legal job markets.  Achieving this mission entails providing a robust set of course offerings that not only teach foundational lawyering skills but also methodologies for applying technology and quantitative analysis to the delivery of legal services.  Students in Law Lab courses will see firsthand how technological advancements and more efficient business processes are shaping the practice of law.  Importantly, students will be able to create, build, and innovate in ways that truly reflect a laboratory, because the Law Lab is just that: a lab.

LEGAL Innovation + Technology Certificate Program

The Certificate program is Chicago-Kent’s specialized course plan for students interested in legal innovation and technology. Students also receive structured advisement in career development and the opportunity to build professional networks in law and technology. To obtain the Certificate, students are required to obtain 12 credits in core classes and an additional 6 in elective coursework.


  • Practice + Professionalism  (3 credits)

  • Legal Analytics (2 credits)

  • Justice + Technology Practicum I (2 credits)

  • Legal Project Management + Process Improvement (Lean / Six Sigma) (2 credits)

  • Legal Tech / Innovation Externship or Clinic (3 credits)


  • Artificial Intelligence + Law  (2 credits)

  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Law (2 credits)

  • Justice + Technology Practicum  II (2 credits)


  • Transactional Automation

  • Financial Technology + Compliance

  • Design Thinking ∩ Law