jun qiu

Law Lab Fellow
Class of 2018

Jun was born and raised in China, where she received her bachelor’s degree. She also has an M.S. degree in Accountancy from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She became a licensed CPA in Illinois and an affiliate of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in the UK. With that business and financial background, Jun primarily focused her law school courses and work opportunities on transactional areas, such as corporate and tax law, until she discovered her interest in legal innovation and technology during ABA Techshow 2017.

Jun has a broad interest in legal innovation and technology, with special attention to access to justice and legal process improvement. Working in The Law Lab has allowed her to quickly get familiar with different types of technologies and new developments in this field. It has also offered Jun many opportunities to network with industry leaders and experts as well as to present in front of them. Jun served as the President of Law Firm Management Society (2017-2018) to promote the importance of legal innovation and technology and educate students on essential skills to succeed in the legal profession. 

Jun cites Legal Analytics and Legal Project Management + Legal Process Improvement as two classes in particular that have equipped her with not only the necessary knowledge and skills but also the mindset of how to practice law more effectively. She constantly thinks about visualizing results and cutting waste, which has helped Jun stand out among her peers. 

Taking advantage of the ample resources offered by The Law Lab and Chicago-Kent, Jun has researched global legal innovation, worked on a project to automate and streamline processes in eviction cases and worked on a criminal justice project in collaboration with the American Bar Association and the IIT Institute of Design. Jun has also assisted in organizing the Fin(Legal)Tech Conference and the Chicago Legal Innovation & Technology Meetup. Jun's impressive law school journey has led her to be recognized as one of National Jurist’s 20 “Law Students of the Year” and a dream job at Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP.

You can learn more about Jun by checking out her Chicago-Kent student profile.