Law is finance.  A strong statement, perhaps, but in many ways it is already the case.  

Where finance has already gone, law is beginning to arrive.  The financial industry presents a wealth of insights from which lawyers can better characterize and predict risk for their clients and remove friction from various legal processes.  Harnessing data analytics and artificial intelligence, #Fin(Legal)Tech emerges as an important field for creating systems to analyze changes in risk and promote compliance, leading to more accurate risk pricing and helping to support better outcomes.  Consequently, new market segments are maturing around #Fin(Legal)Tech, signaling a fundamental shift in the practice of law.    

The Law Lab at Illinois Tech Chicago-Kent College of Law presents its first #Fin(Legal)Tech Conference on November 4, 2016.  Continuing its legacy as an academic leader in legal technology and innovation, Chicago-Kent will bring together a wide-ranging and diverse group of industry leaders for a truly unique conference experience.  

Attendees will be able to see rapid-fire and deeply engaging presentations on the following subjects:

  • Legal Risk and Legal Underwriting
  • Blockchain and Computable Contracts
  • Quantitative Legal Prediction
  • Emerging Markets / Micro Law
  • Toward the Frictionless Delivery of Legal Services