ben jackson

Legal Innovation + Technology Certificate
Class of 2020

Ben Jackson is an entrepreneur, legal innovator, and tech evangelist with more than seven years of experience helping companies maximize their effectiveness. He is currently a 2L in Chicago Kent’s Legal Innovation and Technology Certificate Program. Prior to law school, Ben managed talent development at a Fortune 500 company, helped grow an insurance startup to over $100m in annual revenues, founded two companies, and hosted a podcast that explored the challenges of public discourse. 

Ben is passionate about tackling the process-improvement and efficiency problems that businesses face. He is particularly interested in modernizing the legal industry and equipping lawyers with the tools they need to bridge the justice gap while keeping pace with the breakneck speed of market evolution. To that end, he is currently working with the legal technology company Upsolve to develop a fully consumer-driven, no-cost Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing platform. He is also working with Acuna Law Offices to build an automated Landlord/Tenant litigation system that maximizes the firm’s revenues while addressing the needs of a largely underserved population. After law school, Ben plans to continue building tools to make justice more accessible by helping lawyers work more effectively.