artie surratt

Legal Innovation + Technology Certificate
Class of 2019

Artie Surratt is a 3L certificate student in The Law Lab. He has a B.S. in Economics from Northern Illinois University. Prior to attending Northern Illinois University, he served four years in the United States Navy as a Signals Intelligence Analyst.

His interest in legal innovation and technology comes from his experience in both signals intelligence and economics, two fields that are about using data to tell a story and trying to make a prediction based on the data. When he decided to attend law school, Artie had an idea that these skills could be useful for his future career as a lawyer. Through the programs and courses offered by The Law Lab and the Legal Innovation + Technology Certificate, he has learned the demand for quantitatively trained attorneys is on the rise.

Artie’s favorite courses have been Legal Analytics and Practice and Professionalism. In Legal Analytics, he learned how to work with data sets using the R programming language. Practice and Professionalism brought in practicing attorneys to share how technology and innovation are important to their practice. For Artie, it showed that the training received through the Certificate program is important to employers.

Artied worked at Reed Smith as a Legal Technology Summer Associate this past summer and will be returning to Reed Smith after graduation.